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1. Pick 6 characters in any order
2. Don't change the questions
3. Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4. Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5. Have fun!


1. Sam
2. Phaidros
3. Alethia
4. Umhra
5. Clementine
6. Judas

1. [5] Clementine is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?  

Her parents, 100%. Clem has been, and probably always will be, super close to her mom and dad. They're the most important people in her life right now and she loves them dearly. Admittedly, it can be pretty hard for her sometimes living on her own now because she gets really homesick pfpf. Then again, she can go and visit them whenever, they're always happy to see her!

2. Who could make [1] Sam do anything for them if they asked? (Does not have to be your OC)

M O O N!!! A million times Moon lmao. The big lug would do absolutely anything for his cute wife and daughter omfg.

3. Would [6] Judas have the guts to kill [2] Phaidros? Explain your answer.

pffFFFF N O NEVER OMG,, Judas is a lover, not a fighter- or in this case, killER. Although he definitely has the build and strength to overpower poor lanky Phai if he needed to, he would never go as far as killing him, or anyone else if he can help it.

4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and [1] Sam gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will [1] Sam do?

Tbh?? He'd probably hold off on telling anyone and just enjoy his family the most he could in the time that he had left. He would cook them a bunch of their favorite foods and play with them alllll day, then spend one last night with Moon before regrettably telling her. I can imagine him holding her and trying to console her and reassure her that she would be okay without him ;;;

5. [3] Alethia's birthday had come up and [4] Umhra gave [3] Alethia a gift. But, turns out [3] Alethia hates it. What will happen next?

She would probably try to accept it as gracefully as she could, but her face would definitely give it away. She's pretty bad at hiding her emotions, she almost always ends up being found out because her expression says it all lol.

6. What will [5] Clementine become when he/she grows up? Any achievements [5] Clementine is planning to achieve?

umMM?? This one is a bit up in the air tbh, because it kind of depends on if she ever meets someone that will help/motivate her to leave the forest she's spent her entire life in to travel, like she fantasized about doing as a child. If it were up to her, she might not be able to do it on her own any time soon, leaving the only life she's ever known for uncertainty. As for achievements, Clem wants to become independent and strong enough to some day be able to branch out and explore beyond the forest and her parents. 

7. [6] Judas is going out shopping with [2] Phaidros and they offer to buy [6] Judas something. What is it?

Knowing Phai, it'd probably be something nerdy educational like a book h AAAA
maybe a sweater too uvu if they can find one big enough for the bull man adhslhfjl

8. [4] Umhra is extremely close friends with [3] Alethia; is anyone jealous?

mMMMMMM-- maybe?? I'm not sure if a certain someone she's been seeing would have a problem with her hanging out with a big bOoger pftpf
9. [4] Umhra and [1] Sam are on a boat and [1] Sam decides to go swimming. Yet something caught [1] Sam and now he is starting to drown! [4] Umhra is in the boat, but does [4] Umhra help [1] Sam?

Not immediately?? Umhra would probably take a sec to roll his eyes at Sam for getting caught on smthn before jumping in to help get the soggy werewolf out. THEn probs pat his back a little too hard until he gets all the water out lol

10. [2] Phaidros and [5] Clementine are in the same room, with the lights off. [1] Sam walks in. What is their reaction?

#1, Sam would be confused as to how Phai ended up there with Clem in the first place and #2, why he was sitting with his hands over his eyes in a corner of the room while she was sleeping on the floor under like three layers of sweaters 

12. [1] Sam is on a hike with [5] Clementine and [5] Clementine faints! What will [1] Sam do?

Help her as best and as quickly as he could! Fan her, get her some water, whatever his first thought would be lmao

13. Movie night with [2] Phaidros and [3] Alethia. [3] Alethia makes [2] Phaidros watch porn with them. Reactions?

PHai would bleat sO loud and yell at his sister to turn it O F F, while she'd just laugh her ass off at him oops

14. Would [6] Judas repeat their life if they could? Why or why not?

Yes, if nothing else but to save his brother's life before it was too late.

15. Who would get into trouble faster, [2] Phaidros or [4] Umhra?

UMHRA. He doesn't really like the idea of authority figures, so he can get kinda sassy with people if they boss him around too much. His temper can get the best of him at times too, so he has a bit of a violent tendency.

16. [1] Sam, I dare you to go find [5] Clementine's weak point.


17. Who's the party animal between [1] Sam, [3] Alethia and [4] Umhra?

hmMM, I feel like it would be between Sam and Alethia? They're both definitely more extroverted than Umhra and like to have fuN yo. If I had to pick one tho, it'd be Alethia.  

18. [5] Clementine wakes up one morning with blood all over her face. [3] Alethia slept over and is no where to be found! [5] Clementine goes down stairs and sees [3] Alethia. What was the story? (Let [3] Alethia explain)

"U h... you ever try to coat your face with ketchup before? I think I heard someone say it does wonders for the skin!"

19. [4] Umhra, from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?

"A nine, a very strong nine. Give me a few weeks to gain more muscle though, then we'll talk about that 10"

20. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, [5] Clementine?

"U-uh, there's lots of stuff I guess? But if I haaaad to say something-- back muscles? 6//0//6;"

21. In your opinion, [6] Judas, what's the worst thing about the opposite gender?

"Hrm, yanno what? I don't know. Everybody's different, I wouldn't wanna generalize 'er nothin'. I will say somethin' about una mujer that I know very well though- mi madre. Ella es pues, a little too concerned with apariencias? She cares about what people think a little too much."

22.[2] Phaidros calls [5] Clementine over for an "emergency". [5] Clementine rushes over and [2] Phaidros tells [5] Clementine to entertain them. How does [5] Clementine respond?

SheeeE would be mOre than happy to pfpf,, she would probably start acting all super goofy to make peeps laugh >v<

23. Is there anyone who you think about, [6] Judas, when you hear the word bed?

"Well, right this second it makes me think of Capitan y Bella, mis dos perritos that love to sleep with me, haha."

24. [6] Judas, would you marry your current significant other right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would you marry right now?

"WooOAH THERE AHAHA, I-- I can't just casually be like 'oH yes of course, I would marry SO AND SO', I don't know any of these people well enough for that!! No matter how happy mami would be to see me married! u//v//u;;"

25. The meme is over! All of you relieved or happy? (Don't forget to tag if you want to!)

yeEAHh I spent quite a while on this pft ;v;
btw, mosT of the ocs I talked about are on my other account,, AsktheSatyrSiblings

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